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About Rewarded With Wind

Rewarded with Wind is a project of the Wind Energy Foundation with support from American Wind Action

Rewarded With Wind is a grassroots campaign of American farmers, community leaders, and citizens across the country, who support the rural economic development and energy independence created by wind energy projects.

Our organization believes in the advancement of pro-wind policies across the country and provides in-depth information to the public, media, and policymakers on the positive impacts wind energy development is having on American families, businesses, and communities across the country.

Currently, we have a fast-growing network of like-minded individuals who support wind energy in Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Texas. Sign up today and join our community.


With over five gigawatts of installed wind power and almost 3,000 turbines, Oklahoma is considered one of the most mature states in terms of wind development. 

In 2015, Oklahoma ranked third in the nation in wind power generation. Because of the huge untapped wind resource in the state, Oklahoma is also recognized as a national leader for future wind energy development. 

Oklahoma currently generates over 18 percent of its electricity from wind, enough energy to power 1.3 million homes a year. These wind projects saved customers in the region $1.2 billion on their electricity bills in 2013.

Oklahoma’s incredible wind resource also provides economic development, paying millions of dollars in annual land lease payments to local landowners and farmers, and supporting up to 8,000 jobs across the state. Seven manufacturing facilities in the state also supply components to the wind industry.

According to a recent study by economists at Oklahoma State University, wind companies have paid nearly $134 million in ad valorem taxes to the state since 2004, increasing revenues for local schools and county services.


With nearly one gigawatt of wind power already installed and that total set to double in the next several years, Nebraska has begun to emerge as a leader in the renewable energy marketplace. 

The state’s 16 existing wind projects currently provide almost 2,000 jobs, attract $1.7 billion in capital investment, and deliver $2.4 million in annual lease payments to the state’s landowners.

The wind industry has provided over $3.2 million a year in additional benefits to local communities to help fund schools, counties, local natural resource districts, and other local taxing authorities throughout the state. This helps provide direct property tax relief to local communities.  

Nebraska has the third highest wind potential in the country and is poised to significantly increase the 8 percent of electricity it currently gets from wind energy, according to the American Wind Energy Association.  



Texas is the leading producer of wind energy, ranking first in both installed and under construction wind capacity. There are over 18,000 megawatts (MW) of wind energy installed in the state and over 5000 MW under construction.

The Texas wind industry supports over 24,000 wind-related jobs and has attracted nearly $33 billion in capital investment, while delivering $50 million annually in lease payments to landowners. Abilene-based turbine manufacturer Broadwind Towers is just one example of the at least 38 wind manufacturing facilities in the state.

Utilizing the state’s strong wind resource, the Texas wind industry has thrived thanks to forward-thinking state policy that helped create Competitive Renewable Energy Zones (CREZ) for wind power transmission. These zones now house 117 wind projects with over 10,000 turbines producing enough energy to power 4.1 million homes.

Texas has the potential to produce enough wind energy to power 15 million homes by 2030, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Some say everything is “bigger in Texas” and the wind industry is certainly living up to that moniker.


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